Welcome to Ecotech Engineering

The philosophy guiding the establishment of Ecotech Engineering has remained unchanged over the years. We believe that “we can do well by doing good”. Although we are a commercial enterprise, we are motivated and driven by our passion to ensure the availability of clean water and energy for all.

In order to deliver on this vision, we have built a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers and technicians to deliver world-class solutions that will exceed the expectations of our most demanding clients.

We approach each client project as unique even though we may have done many similar pieces of work before – this allows us to focus on the exact solution that our client desires without creating unnecessary cost over-runs.

Our commitment to after-sales service is legendary. We believe in long term relationships and know that excellent after-care is the rock on which future business is built. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

Ecotech Engineering Services

Ecotech Energy

We specialize in custom designed commercial, industrial and large residential renewable systems - we will provide you with a professional solution you can trust.

Ecotech Hydro

Ecotech Hydro is a water treatment engineering company providing professional, high quality water purification solutions you can trust.